Protest Magazine Issue One: The Mercy Issue

Writers & artists call for entry

In this issue we'd like to discuss the radical act of healing and forgiving ourselves and finding freedom in the process. It's the issue in which we speak out against all the ways we are both punished and perceived a villain for existing as femme people of color. In the Mercy Issue we'll describe what we need healing from- whether it be wounds self-inflicted or the result of someone or something else. How far are you on that journey? How much further do you have to go? Here are some key terms to explore:

women needing public assistance - assault survivors - unplanned pregnancy - women's reproductive health - mental health- physical illness - sex work -women involved in the justice system & addiction - immigration/ migration - stigma & discrimination towards the LGBTQIA community - the multiplicity of identity influenced by race, gender, and culture 

We accept writing submissions in the form of .DOC, .DOCX and TXT format. We accept images in png and jpg formats.

You can send us submissions, first drafts, pitches and questions by emailing us at, you can also reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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Protest Magazine is the quarterly compilation of creative work by and for women of color. Protest’s seasonal anthology and portfolio was created specifically to preserve the cultural identity and aid the artistic advancement of femme people of color. As women of color we are often forced into conditions that lack in resources and limit our opportunities. To combat this, we’ve got to uplift our sisters enough so that we are all well equipped to fight. Address the prejudiced, biased and intolerant beliefs that exist between the women of different cultures and communities. Pick them apart and question them. Dismantle and ruin them so that we can hold each other down during our work for social equity. Protest Magazine values the intimate, empathy-driven relationships among women of color because structural barriers can be removed when we decide to collaborate.