Protest Magazine, The Guide

We encourage women to share their work! We are accepting work for the first issue of Protest Magazine by clicking here. We're also accepting work for our blog titled, demonstration. Work sent to demonstration can be based on the theme of your choosing. Submit your original work, first drafts, pitches and questions by emailing us at Protest is a company started by women for women and as art is labor, all contributors we choose to work with will be compensated. See below for a list of areas to consider when sending in work.

Sections to consider when submitting to Protest

Features, Essays & Interviews

Feature essays are elaborate, thoughtful and honest retelling on a moment of your choosing. This space is dedicated to sharing an experience that catapulted you to change, the good and the bad. Here, you’ll dissect a personal experience we can relate to as femme people. Feature essays bring attention to both rare occurrences and common themes found in the lives of women. Interviews focus on women who have made it a point to create change for other women in her community. They are women who contribute in the fight against patriarchy and racism while promoting female empowerment and well being.

500-800 words for blog posts, compensation is a flat rate of $65 per post

1800-2000 words for print and digital, compensation starts at $144 per piece

Rituals & Traditions

Loosely defined, a ritual embodies a number of acts performed according to faith, custom or the family one belongs to. Think of a cultural ritual or tradition, one you're allowed to share, then tell us how it's magic shaped you. From making meals with coveted family recipes to ceremonies created for celebrating and paying respect to our cultures.

400-650 words for blog posts, compensation is a flat rate of $45 per post

700-900 words for print and digital, compensation starts at $56

Work of Fiction

Tell us a story about a heroine, the one who also happens to be your nail technician, the bus driver taking you to work, your neighbor or the one you turned out to be.

800-100 words for blog posts, compensation starts at a flat rate of $80

2000-2500 words for print and digital, compensation starts at $160

Journal Entry

Treat the journal entry like open mic night; here you can speak your piece, whatever that may be. Write an open letter to the community of Protest to share all your logic and theory.

Keep your word count between 500-800 for blog posts, compensation starts at a flat rate of $65

1200-1500 for our print and digital, compensation starts at $96

Photography, Illustration & Art

Illustrations are what you create after you’ve meditated on the issue’s theme. Photography translates your thoughts on the topic at hand into imagery and symbolism.

Compensation for photography, art and illustration is offered at a sliding scale beginning at $25 per image.

We accept writing submissions in the form of .DOC, .DOCX and TXT format. We accept images in png and jpg formats.