Seeking Submissions - Protest's Communication Issue

Protest’s Second Project - Call for Writers

Big-name media publications shouldn't reign the direction of journalism. Stories pushed by those in power are typically chosen based on it’s potential to build capital. With a motive like this, the exclusion and bias we see in journalism is perpetuated and only those in power reap the benefits, not the audience it's meant to serve. And, to no one's surprise, important stories go untold.

Time has shown that everyday people have perspectives worth paying attention to and news worth sharing. Protest is excited to read your essays related to the expansive the field of journalism.

Ever find yourself acting as a journalist for your community?

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Magazine Submissions - Protest's Communication Issue

We use words to communicate but it's not the only way to convey a message. Everybody talks! Seriously, our bodies tell stories. We speak through appearances, physical movements, and sign languages. Conversations happen within us on a cellular level- an inevitable component of survival. We speak through prayer, music, and art, too. Even animals and beings found in nature "talk" to one another.

Issue #2 is all about communication and education, here we can dissect anything from our personal love languages to the complexity of African American Vernacular, how personal style is translated to the rest of the world or even prayer as a form of conversation

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Catch Her Melody: MC Lyte

All month long we honor women road openers in the land of music. To talk about women's history is to also talk about music history. It's time to get lost in the deeps cuts of sound magicians, spirited lyricists, and singing pioneers. Let them not be forgotten.

This week, we honor a song MC Lyte wrote when she was twelve, I Cram To Understand U (Sam)

I hear Lyte deliver her first line, I used to be in love. Instantly, I know what to expect. Love and heartbreak are universal experiences above all else. What follows line one is the story of a relationship's demise and, it might be a story I relate to.

-Miss Penny

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