Magazine Submissions - Protest's Communication Issue

Protest’s Call for Artists & Writers

We use words to communicate but it's not the only way to convey a message. Everybody talks! Seriously, our bodies tell stories. We speak through appearances, physical movements, and sign languages. Conversations happen within us on a cellular level- an inevitable component of survival. We speak through prayer, music, and art, too. Even animals and beings found in nature "talk" to one another.

Issue #2 is all about communication and education, here we can dissect anything from our personal love languages to the complexity of African American Vernacular, how personal style is translated to the rest of the world or even prayer as a form of conversation. Take a look below for topics to possible elaborate on:

  • Informative and historical essays on African American Vernacular - regional dialects, bilingualism/code-switch, style, grammar, and etymology

  • Appearances speak - Traditional and spiritual clothing and accessories, appearance as a form of identity and armor, the commodification of Feminist movements in fashion, stereotypes based on looks

  • Pray & Tell - And essay on prayer as a form of communication to the spiritual realm, higher Self. What messages has organized religion sent you? How are you defining religion and spiritual practices for yourself?

  • Translation - Multilingualism & forced assimilation, the systemic erasure of ethnic languages

  • Grassroots journalism - Diversity, bias, and exclusion in mainstream news media. A subculture of modern journalism has emerged with the help of our social media accounts.

Here’s the PDF version of our call for artists and writers to reference when not on our site. Save it and share it with a friend.


If you have any trouble during the submission process, please email the Protest team at

We accept essays, interviews, poetry and artwork submissions from creatives of all experience levels. Our mission is to support marginalized women in life and in their pursuit of an artistic career, we'll accept submissions from everyone but they take priority.

While we prefer to have first rights, we'll consider submissions for work that has already been published on a case by case basis.

Must be your original work. Please send written submissions as a PDF. Artist and writers will be compensated for their work. Protest Magazine does not request rights to work but a license for reproduction and distribution. For more information on this process, email


Excited to hear from you!

Simone & Protest Mag Team