Protest in Print

Print copies of mercy are available july 2019

Mercy has reached the physical plane! You can pre-order your copy of our first issue now by clicking here.

Our premiere issue includes interviews with Leotha, a Reiki High Priestess, and Tamanika, a formally incarcerated woman looking to rebuild with her children. In the Mercy Issue, you’ll find a comic by Lori Esposito, her work introduces us to the Voodoo religion. There’s an essay exploring genealogy and (im)migration by the artist known as Zynb P.lus, an essay, poem, and artwork from a few creative members of the Gathering All Muslim Artists Collective .

Read a sample of the Mercy Issue.



Second Time Around

Submissions for Protest’s second issue are now open. Our focus is on communication and education this time. Contributors are encouraged to send work that represents their personal ideas and stories related to communication. This topic is expansive and we’ve had a few thoughts on what we should profile for our second project. Since the art and mutability of conversation is this issue’s theme, we’re excited to include interviews that profile extraordinary women in our lives and within our communities.

In this issue, we’ll dissect the ways our appearances tell stories, messages received through prayer and seances, and the emergence of grassroots journalism. Of course, we urge contributors to explore this theme fully and in ways that feel right to them.

If you’re interested, read a little more about the communication issue and submit your work here.