Hey, Mercy!

Mercy is here! Digital only for now but we’ll let everyone know when physical copies become available. See below to purchase a copy.

A BIG, WARM, LOVING thank you to everyone who helped, supported and wished us well! From strangers, to friends and family, anyone who send uplifting energy- thank you!

The Creative Jenny Oh

Our beloved Jenny Oh created the cover and magazine art for the Mercy Issue. Jenny is an artist who centers her work on the health, movement, and beauty of the woman’s body. As someone who lives with endometriosis, Jenny has become an advocate for other people who live with these ailments, too. She’s also used her work support people involved in the justice system, mental health, and other social matters. She’s teamed up with organizations like the Bronx Freedom Fund, Endometriosis Foundation of America, and Monthly Gift.

“When I paint it's really sporadic but I feel like when it happens I’m focused, I’m like ‘okay I’m doing this,’ I’m focused. My mind is kind of at ease, my spirit is kind of at ease because I’m just focusing on seeing where this (artwork) is going to move or change to, what colors I’m going to move toward. It’s almost like my guards are let go. And that sporadic-ness is okay at that time.”

Both pdf and e-publications are available- formats perfect for any device

Jenny Oh on her creative process

We spoke to Jenny Oh a few months back, you can read our her interview here.