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Let human rights live

My goal is to transmute my uneasiness to critical action. If I was put on Earth to spread helpful info on resources in aid for the under served, than I better get to it. Listed below are a few organizations that inspired me to feel strong rather than discomfort.

Some grassroots movements that deserve support-

RAICES is an award-winning nonprofit that provides underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Central and South Texas. The organization is a timely resource to support given the concentration camps and horrors at the border. RAICES received three out of four stars from the Charity Navigator and a platinum seal of transparency from the charity watchdog, GuideStar. RAICES is currently staffed with 50ish lawyers who helped issue lawsuits and complains on behalf of detained families. 

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jenny, seeking jenny

I read the Romans believed everyone had a genius, not that they were a genius. So the painter or the poet would receive help from an outside energy or force that would help them create their work.


They were guided by a genius. Do you ever feel your body is guided while painting?

When I paint it's really sporadic but I feel like when it happens I’m focused, I’m like ‘okay I’m doing this,’ I’m focused. My mind is kind of at ease, my spirit is kind of at ease because I’m just focusing on seeing where this (artwork) is going to move or change to, what colors I’m going to move toward. It’s almost like my guards are let go. And that sporadic-ness is okay at that time. Even just going through magazines and cutting out shapes and stuff, that does offer me some solace but it looks crazy, if someone saw me in my room cutting up magazines and shapes and just cutting things out…(laughs) I think I kind of act manically, but creatively, it’s fine.

I noticed you added health awareness and body awareness in your bio on the IG page for your art, what does body awareness mean to you and why is it important?

I thought that I was fine and I was healthy and now with my whole situation, being diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis and body dysmorphia, I'm starting to appreciate bodies in general. Any shape, any size, you know...I started to look at bodies differently and be a lot more thoughtful. I still don't feel comfortable in my own skin and I feel that’s partly about not being aware of the body. I feel the more I paint and let it out, express these ideas and these motions and positions I’m seeing in these bodies, helps me be a little more comfortable in my own body in a way. Which is crazy because I've been in this body my whole life and I feel that it’s just now that I'm slowly accepting who this body is. And you know, it sucks that I have to deal with the pain and there are these issues that I have to monitor and manage, at the same time I started to see it as a blessing. If it wasn't for the pain or surgery or the diagnosis I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now with my creativity. I would have never gotten to know of other female reproductive health issues. I’m kinda bringing awareness of that by being the subject of study. So yeah that's why I think I put the body awareness, it’s for my own development. I have to be thoughtful of my body and other peoples bodies.

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