Crisis at the Border

Babies and young children are being ripped away from their mothers, fathers, and relatives simply for crossing the US border. The president has finally signed an executive order to stop the separation of families at the border, but 2,300 kids have already been ripped from their families since the intro of trump's "zero-tolerance policy" in early May. Migrants entering the country without a green light from US government were forced into different facilities segregated by women, children, and men. A cruel punishment for people trying their best to protect their families and escape violence, poverty, sexism, and other unlivable circumstances. An order has been signed to end the practice, but there's no guarantee of when or if children will be reunited with their families and relatives; the people living through this human rights nightmare need our support and aid. America has a long, sophisticated history of tearing families apart- feeling helpless is not unlikely, but there is a will so there certainly is a way to provide assistance. 

See below for a list of services and organizations advocating for refugees and immigrants:

  • Raices, Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

  • Pueblo Sin Fronteras, providing humanitarian aid for refugees and migrants

  • Together Rising, an online platform that has helped raise over eleven million dollars for humanitarian and charitable causes

  • Al Otro Lado, assists migrants and refugees with legal services and family reunification

  • Texas Civil Rights Project, "Texas lawyers for Texas communities, boldly serving the movement for equality and justice in and out of the courts"

  • Border Angels, an organization working to prevent unnecessary deaths and reduce harm of migrant workers

  • ProBAR Children's Project, "The Children's Project currently serves more than 1,000 detained, unaccompanied children at shelters in South Texas by providing them with "Know Your Rights' presentations and coordinating their legal representation"

  • National Immigrant Justice Center, legal aid for immigrants and asylum seekers

  • Fronterizo Fianza Fund, community bond (fianza) fund run by Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee, based in El Paso-Ciudad Juarez

  • Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, legal needs for refugees, immigrants, and family reunification