Stay Up: Women Affirming

Words to brainwash you, in a good way.

Words of affirmation have gotten pretty popular lately. At this point, you can now find affirmation phrase while casually perusing social media. I follow Tumblr blogs and Insta accounts specifically created to feed me quotes that uplift and inspire.

But, somewhere along one of my journeys through the blogosphere, I read a wise woman’s words that warned readers about unconsciously getting in the way of our desires. You could be consciously aware of your desires but you might be drowning in doubt subconsciously.

Success, whatever that means for you, requires we believe in ourselves on all levels. In order to get rid of that lingering doubt tugging at your self-esteem, you’ve got to reprogram your subconscious and conscious mind to think, I can do it, instead of, Can I do it?

One way to undo a lifetime of subconscious doubt is brainwashing yourself for the better. Make the art of manifestation and affirmations your own by catering them to fit specific personal needs. 

Write your own affirmations. Perfect time to do this is right before bed or right after you’ve woken up from a good night’s sleep. Using pen and paper to write affirmations doubles as a grounding meditation since it forces you to be present as you transcribe your thoughts. But, no pen no problem. If you can only type your affirmation on a mobile device, do it anyway. At least you put thought into your positive declarations.

Take your written affirmations a step further by recording yourself read them aloud. You can play the recording periodically as you clean, sit on the couch with a slippery sheet mask resting on your face, or simply while sleeping. Even if you’re not actively listening to your recording your subconscious will pick up on the messages it needs to hear. Use your phone's recording software, upload a video on Youtube, or use apps like Think Up, to hear affirmations in your own voice.