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Hey, Mercy! by Simone Jones

Mercy is here! Digital only for now but we’ll let everyone know when physical copies become available. See below to purchase a copy.

A BIG, WARM, LOVING thank you to everyone who helped, supported and wished us well! From strangers, to friends and family, anyone who send uplifting energy- thank you!

Creative Jenny Oh

Our beloved Jenny Oh created the cover and magazine art for the Mercy Issue. Jenny is an artist who centers her work on the health, movement, and beauty of the woman’s body. As someone who lives with endometriosis, Jenny has become an advocate for other people who live with these ailments, too. She’s also used her work support people involved in the justice system, mental health, and other social matters. She’s teamed up with organizations like the Bronx Freedom Fund, Endometriosis Foundation of America, and Monthly Gift.

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Artists Call by Protest Magazine

Protest Magazine, Artists Call: Call for Submissions for issue one of Protest Magazine

We make art and put emotions and thoughts into words that interpret our different cultures, femininity and all other intersections we exist in. We are the vital voices of social commentary, we are vital voices of marginalized communities.

Protest Magazine is the anthology and portfolio created for femmes of color; consider Protest as a the temporary a home for your creative work. 

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Protest. by Simone Jones

Protest Magazine. An independent print and digital publication focusing on the feminine point of view.  We believe self-expression and autonomy are crucial forms of protest. We believe in developing solidarity between marginalized people of varying cultures. We believe in the art of curating your own life. We believe in your art. We know the honesty in your art is revolutionary. We encourage you to protest.

Protest Magazine declares itself a welcoming organization created to feature work from artists and writers of neglected communities. Protest is dedicated to preserving the cultural identities and supporting the artistic advancement of trans/women and femme people of color. 

Art can be used as a vessel for personal ideas and commentary on the good and the bad of our cultures and societies. The critiques can open up discussions that educate and lead to change when change is necessary.

The goal is to create a community sustained company to feature the work- all work presented in the magazine is submission based and those who contribute (money and artwork) are the readers and viewers of the magazine. In this world, money is treated as fuel. Protest Mag recognizes the financial disparities across black and brown communities, to combat this we need to put funds back into the hands of our brothers and sisters. We want to compensate the artists through donations received from the general public, organizations which align with our ethical beliefs and practices and all other others who support the cause. Contributors are allowed to submit their personal essays, short stories, artwork and photography and pitch to profile and interview members of marginalized communities who have dedicated their energy into uplifting others. It is the collaborative effort between the audience and the company that will keep the work featured honest and new.

  Remember! Protest Magazine will survive with the help of the readers, contributors and friends. Reach out with any ideas, pitches and questions and to find out ways you can help Protest Magazine launch and make it.