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Handmade Gifts / You can make a tax deductible donation to Protest Mag through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. This is a forever thing so you can make a one-time or recurring donation whenever you'd like. Money will be put into the hands of women who contribute work to Protest.

Protests On Film / A talk with Cindy Trinh, the woman behind the images of Activist NYC, she is a photojournalist with a special interest in social justice movements.

Art Engineered / The engineer is the artist, too. A small talk with Ruchira Amare where we discuss gender-neutral clothing, romanticism, and combining her expertise as an engineer with her passion for design.

Where Is Storm's Movie? / Writer and mentor Joanne C. Hillhouse says what we've all been thinking when she proclaims; "Storm's badassery makes her one of the most popular X-Men and superheroes . Period." The time to tell her story is now.