Share Your Remedies

Feminine people

Are natural born healers.

The medicine woman and the spiritual doctor.

Issue one is the Mercy issue, in this issue we’re going to discuss forgiving ourselves and finding freedom in the process. It’s the issue where we speak out against all the ways we are punished and vilified for existing as femme people of color. We accept truthful, thoughtful and poetic expression from people of the community in the form of written work, photography and illustration. 

Here are some points to meditate on:

Black women and girls and hyper-sexualization and fetishization

Women who are victims of domestic abuse/sexual assault

Women with mental and physical illness

Planned and unplanned pregnancies, birth control and abortions


Women relying on public assistance

Sex work

Justice system involved women

Immigration reform, the effect of current immigration policy and practices

Submit your work and pitch your ideas to

Tell us the ways women have helped heal you, how have you done that for others?