Hey, Mercy! by Simone Jones

Mercy is here! Digital only for now but we’ll let everyone know when physical copies become available. See below to purchase a copy.

A BIG, WARM, LOVING thank you to everyone who helped, supported and wished us well! From strangers, to friends and family, anyone who send uplifting energy- thank you!

Creative Jenny Oh

Our beloved Jenny Oh created the cover and magazine art for the Mercy Issue. Jenny is an artist who centers her work on the health, movement, and beauty of the woman’s body. As someone who lives with endometriosis, Jenny has become an advocate for other people who live with these ailments, too. She’s also used her work support people involved in the justice system, mental health, and other social matters. She’s teamed up with organizations like the Bronx Freedom Fund, Endometriosis Foundation of America, and Monthly Gift.

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Counsel the Creatives: Mental Health in the Creative Community by Protest Magazine

The creative person is vulnerable in that we want to experience everything fully, by fully I mean being present in all ways- emotional, mental, and physical availability. Artists tend to remain fully present even when situations become toxic or harmful. Self-preservation becomes an afterthought.

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recent demonstrations by Protest Magazine

Crisis at the border / Children and babies are separated from their families. Links for ways and organizations who assist migrants and refugees found here

Handmade Gifts / You can make a tax deductible donation to Protest Mag through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. This is a forever thing so you can make a one-time or recurring donation whenever you'd like. Money will be put into the hands of women who contribute work to Protest.

Protests On Film / A talk with Cindy Trinh, the woman behind the images of Activist NYC, she is a photojournalist with a special interest in social justice movements.

Art Engineered / The engineer is the artist, too. A small talk with Ruchira Amare where we discuss gender-neutral clothing, romanticism, and combining her expertise as an engineer with her passion for design.