Wands Series: Handmade Pocket Sketchbook (Pack of Two)

Wands Series: Handmade Pocket Sketchbook (Pack of Two)

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In tarot, the suit of Wands represent the element of fire and is the heat that fuels our pursuits. Wands send the message that no goal is unrealistic, but all goals require we take thoughtful actions to reach them. Wands cards carry transformative energy. Fresh starts. The conception of ideas. Stepping into our roles. Showing up as our truest selves.

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Journals are made to order. The specific tarot card from the Suit of Wands is determined after querent has successfully placed their order. Artwork for each Wands Tarot card will vary at the artists’ discretion. The cover art of your handmade sketchbook is not guaranteed to be the same as the art in the sample images. Artwork on cover: watercolor, marker, colored pencils

One order includes two traveler's sketchbooks

  • Each blank-page notebook is 4.25in x 5.5in x .5in and will have 32 Pages

  • Acid free paper (50 lb paper). Good for drawing, sketching, and journaling

All proceeds go to the artists and writers of Protest Magazine.