Moon Series: Handmade Pocket Sketchbook (Pack of two)

Moon Series: Handmade Pocket Sketchbook (Pack of two)


The Moon is the manifested energy of illusion, of hidden dreams, and the subconscious. It represents the mysteries we carry within and the masks we wear to hide them. The duality of the Moon is to reach spiritual heights while accepting our Shadow selves. Reflection is encouraged, taming the ego is encouraged. The Moon's domain is way up with the Stars and she is the ruler of deep, blue waters. She's the enforcer of emotional and spiritual shifts.That said, know that this card is about imagination just as much as it is about spirituality. We can't find balance within the dreamy nature of the Moon without a little artistry.

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Journals are made to order. Artwork for each Wands Tarot card will vary at the artists’ discretion. The cover art of your handmade sketchbook is not guaranteed to be the same as the art in the sample images.

One order includes two traveler's sketchbooks

  • Each blank-page notebook is 4.25in x 5.5in x .5in and will have 32 Pages

  • Acid free paper (50 lb paper). Good for drawing, sketching, and journaling

All proceeds go to the artists and writers of Protest Magazine