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We are currently accepting submissions for our second issue. Issue #2 is all about communication and education, here we can dissect anything from our personal love languages to the complexity of African American Vernacular, how personal style is translated to the rest of the world or even prayer as a form of conversation.


View PDF version of our call for artists and writers for the Communication Issue here.

Here are a few areas we will focus on, treat these topics as suggestions and do not limit yourself. Submit work based on your personal interpretation and ideas surrounding communication.

-Informative and historical essays on African American Vernacular. The style, grammar and etymology of AAVE

-Our appearances speak - History and stories told through style and fashion. The importance of religous and cultural clothing.

-Otherworldly conversations - Prayer as a form of communication

-Translation - Multilingualism & forced assimilation, the systemic erasure of ethnic languages

-Body language - It’s both a call and response to everything in our orbit

-Mental health explained - Communicating our needs

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