About Protest Magazine


Protest Magazine is a group anthology and portfolio made possible by the creative work done by women of color. We encourage marginalized women to submit their thoughts in the form of essays, poetry, and articles for a possible collab with Protest. We’ll gladly accept art, illustration, and photography submissions, too. Basically, tell us your story the best way you know how. This space is carved out for the up and coming and those just getting started alike- take the leap. 


Anyone can tell you how scary and unpredictable starting a creative career can be. It feels especially daunting for us marginalized women, the women constantly silenced by society. There has never been a shortage of talented women of color, yet we’re often excluded from conversations focused on talent and innovation. The only answer is to promote each other through our own conversations. Consider Protest Magazine as part of the conversation, it is a response to the exclusivity and a demand for autonomy. We want women who were once uncomfortable calling themselves artists and writers to create and write anyway. Protest encourages women to find a quiet place, internally and externally, that will allow them to bring their creative concepts into the physical plane. The act of turning their ideas into something tangible helps other women realize they can do it, too.

We encourage women to protest.

Made possible only through collaboration and community support. Protest Magazine is the sum of women’s partnership, one platform for many voices. A collaboration to create something meaningful. This is a publication founded in empathy and emotion, with the purpose of creating connections and fortifying communities. Protest Magazine is a representation of possibility, encouragement, sisterhood, and growth.




You don’t need permission to be here Self-discovery is a perpetual experience

Creative work is the process for expansion

Equitable collaborations only


Protest was founded by Simone. Aspiring carefree black girl. Aspiring writer. Born, raised, and nurtured in the northeast, but, she is a wanderer. The stars aligned to bring her to New Orleans, where she resides and operates Protest Magazine. 

Protest Magazine is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Please consider making a tax-deductible (to the extent permitted by law) contribution to Protest Magazine. You contribution will go to the artists and writers who work with Protest.